About 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important”

According to data from different surveys, teamwork and collaboration improve employee satisfaction and retention. It also accounts for the success of a venture and it is crucial to drive innovation.

The main benefit of collaborative work is the ability to leverage every background and ways of thinking. The sum of these elements helps teams to grow and deliver key projects, helping organizations not only survive but thrive in fast paced and ever changing competitive environments.

The EpicGame™ is an ideal tool for strategy building and team collaboration

Even though collaboration is key, there are many constrains that affect purposeful collaboration. According to data from Queens University of Charlotte, 39% of employees think that people in their organization don’t collaborate enough.

The EpicGame™ was develop to solve some of the constrains that affect collaboration:

  • Not having a clear or relevant goal.
  • Not able to understand the bigger picture, or, lack of understanding about outcome.
  • Lack of interest to collaborate, negativity, or, the effect of bad past work experiences.
  • Miscommunication, lack of empowerment and trust.
  • Not leveraging the skillsets of the individuals to help them maximize potential.
  • Company culture: milestones aren’t celebrated, or, there’s fear of failure.


The EpicGame™ can be played by any size of teams at the kick-start of a project or as an ongoing collaboration tool

The EpicGame™ uses the metaphor of super heroes and their super powers to encourage purposeful collaboration in the workplace.

The game is a team collaboration tool based on a series of levels players progress together through compelling activities like ‘What is my superpower to destroy this mission?’ allowing the team to re-frame “the fear of failure” right at the start of a project, and, ultimately, set themselves up with the insights they need to turn fail into win, with the focus on goal alignment and a shared vision to bring a truly engaging experience to solving vital collaboration challenges.

It was develop combining deep insights gathered using the Design Thinking process and incorporating Agile principles, Systems Thinking , and game mechanics to foster purposeful collaboration and improve team dynamics.

The EpicGame enables the accelerated build and test of strategic paths from aspirations to actionable outcomes and broad adoption

The game consist in a deck of cards divided in 4 levels. It is a multiplayer tool can be played virtually or in person.

The Level 1 is called the Epic Fail and is dedicated to explore “How can team members make the project fail”

The Level 2 is called Epic Win and is dedicated to explore “How might team members change the game into an Epic Win.”

In the Level 3, the teams build a “Super World” where they create a ”Hero’s Agreement.” The agreement helps the team define how they are going to collaborate in order to accomplish the mission.

In Level 4, the teams reflect on the outcomes of the project in “Baam Retrospective”. The retrospective will happen at the end of the first project’s cycle (if it’s shorter than a month), otherwise, this can be done monthly.

Expected Outcomes

The EpicGame™ decreases the fear of failure by using a fun and engaging approach to naming it, claiming it and re-framing it

💥 Provides a framework for better alignment on the goal and expectations.

💥 Enables to find a shared purpose to unlock the team’s hidden value

💥 Increases shared vision on how to work together.

💥 Improves understanding on how each team member sees himself/herself playing a role in the project/team.

💥 Increases communication, transparency, trust and empowerment.

💥 Guides teams to gain a better understanding of every individual’s skills and how they can apply those within the project.

💥 Provides clarity into what each team member wants to learn and how they want to be awarded or celebrate their milestones.

Epic Fail

Helps teams overcome the fear of failure, as well as, make them aware of what are the behaviors and actions that can contribute to the failure of a project.

Epic Win

Guides teams to define and align their vision of the project, as well as, understand which skills they want to use, what do they want to learn and how they want to collaborate together.


Provides a framework to gain deeper understanding on how to work together and how to reach an epic win that matters to all of the team members.


“Companies know learning from past failure leads to future success yet struggle to adopt the needed mindset and practices. EpicGame is a team collaboration tool that puts project failure lessons-learned where they belong, at the start of a project as the new team is formed. In a series of moves built on solid team effectiveness and organizational psychology principles, players progress together through compelling conversations and reveals, like ‘What is my superpower to destroy this mission?’ and, ultimately, set themselves up with the insights they need to turn fail into win.” Lisa Connors, Organization & Team Effectiveness Consultant

“The EpicGame looks to provide a creative approach in blending agile principles. With the focus on goal alignment and a shared vision, the EpicGame has the potential to bring a truly engaging experience to solving vital collaboration challenges. I look forward to seeing the EpicGame grow!”
Kevin Cuadrado, CSM

“The Epic Game is great tool to foster collaboration! I am looking forward to see how the it will evolve over time and help many teams succeed” – Damla Obermeir, Scrum Master

If you want to get updates about the EpicGame, or are interested in participating in the next play session, send an email to hello@innovationist.me or via the get in touch form.

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