Launch your Purpose(s)

Purpose is not a nice to have, it is essential!

The Launch your Purpose(s)™ framework is not you usual find your purpose guide. It is a hands on practical playbook that will help you gain a deeper understanding of what purpose means and why it is essential.

Many of us struggle because we try to find that ONE purpose that we are meant to achieve; but trying to find only ONE is the reason why we feel like something is missing. The notion that we have only one mission we are meant for limits us from fulfilling our greatness.

The Launch your Purpose(s) framework is based on the premise that purpose(s) is fluid, meaning, there are many purpose(s) that you will have during the different stages and areas of your life. You have to jump in and try new things; stop resisting the unknown and fully engage in what is happening right here, where you are.

The Launch your Purpose playbook propels you to new heights that start and end uniquely with you.

How it works

The framework combines effective, sustainable and evidence-based techniques to help design your own purpose(s) based on your signature strengths,values, and potential impact.

The framework’s playbook uses creative techniques that help you develop new ideas to bring your purpose(s) to life. Through interactive, practical and targeted exercises you will be able to answer 3 fundamental questions to launch your purpose(s).

The 3 step process to launch your Purpose(s)

WHONorth Start, is the most important element. WHO represents your individuality and it is composed of certain unique elements (background, values, signature strengths, mindsets, experiences, creations…).

To answer the “WHO” question, it is important to look inwards and start understanding WHO are you. You will be able to identify the essential elements that build you own individuality. Once you have identify them, it will be easier to understand how each element plays a role.

You are original! You will learn how your unique story, your mindsets, your limitations, enablers, creations… help you see the world in a way only you can see it. By understanding this, you will be empowered to create the change you aim to have in your life and in the important role your purpose plays future.

Everything you need is within you! If you want to find your purpose(s), you have to let go the goal of finding your purpose and fell in love with the process.

WHYUniverse, which represents your purpose(s). Purpose is fluid and it can be shaped along the way.

The framework helps you define purpose in a meaningful and concise way: “Be the best answer you can be.

Through interactive exercises you will get to know why having the mindset of (re)designing will help you define your orbit of influence, define your purpose(s) in those orbits and find new approaches to (re)shape the future.

You will understand why purpose is not a nice to have but is essential to keep unlimited motivation to follow your dreams and also drive meaningful impact in your spaces of influence.

Every person has a pool of potential that usually goes untapped. The world awaits for you to release your full potential.

WHEREUniverse, which represents your environment and its interconnections.

By understanding your life’s interconnections you will be able to spot patterns and understand the very important role they play in launching your purpose(s).

Your WHERE will also help you discover the role you play in the entire universe and how those interconnections are essential to shape your future.

The challenges we face as individuals and society require news ways to approach them. We need to learn how important our individual purpose(s) is but also as a collective group of individuals.

We were never meant to go through launching our purpose alone, it is a collaborative effort. You can’t achieve your purpose alone, you need the help of your universe!

Your WHO and your WHY relates to your WHERE, all of these help you propel your purpose(s)

Results + Impact

We all have the capacity to be intuitive and generate ideas! We all are creators that have in our hands a white canvas, a white canvas that symbolize the future, a future that requires greater cooperation, sustainability, self-knowledge, empathy and new approaches.

It is important to approach life purposefully. Purpose is not just a lofty ideal; it has practical implications for your life and future.

Our purpose is to help you launch your Purpose(s) 🚀

The Launch your Purpose(s) framework empowers you to use your full potential to innovate and create change.

By tapping into the power of launching your purpose(s), you will be able to:

🚀 Combine the essence of your identity to build deeper meaning into your Purpose(s)

🚀 Unlock your full and true potential and build self efficacy to become a purpose-driven leader and Innovationist

🚀 Be fully committed to a transformational quest that motivates you to perform meaningful daily activities

🚀 Have a clear understanding about your passions, goals, values, experience points and signature strengths

🚀 Maintain a growth mindset, clarity, direction and renewed energy

🚀 Understand of your life’s interconnections and find the role they play in designing your purpose(s)

🚀 Move from behavior based actions to character built outcomes that keep you growing and HOT (Humble, Open, Transparent)

🚀 Ability to deconstruct your direct FEARs (Fake Expectations that Appear Real)

🚀 Understand the importance of looking back to look forward to (re)design the future, instead of focusing on only predicting and reacting to the future

🚀 (Re)framing a problem into a project to unleash positive energizers and new approaches

“There’s is beauty in the chaos, there’s purpose in being lost” –

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